Best Rehab

111 N. Calvert Street, (410) 396-3836

Last year, we named Courthouse East (the block-long combination city circuit courthouse/post office nestled into downtown) "Best Building In Need Of A Rehab." The six-story edifice had slid into disrepair over the last few decades, and it seemed uncertain what, if anything, would be done to spruce up the city landmark. Flash forward to this year: While Courthouse East's bathrooms are still pretty horrific and the water fountains unusable, there are two brand-spanking-new elevators. Not only do they look nice (and are currently graffiti-free), the elevators are way more reliable and certainly feel safer. New lifts may not seem like much but, along with lunchtime demonstrations by courthouse employees demanding cleaner working conditions, Courthouse East is at least pointed in the right direction.

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