Aaron Henkin


It's official. Aaron Henkin is the closest thing Baltimore has to the voice of God. Known since 2004 as co-creator of WYPR's The Signal, easily the best radio program produced in Baltimore, Henkin has since opened the music vaults of the Smithsonian Institution for a 36-hour folk-music radio series, curated juicy true-life tales for WYPR's Stories From the Stoop, and hosted the Stoop's live broadcasts of its holiday extravaganza from Center Stage (true, he has an "in" thanks to his spouse, Stoop co-creator Jessica Myles Henkin). Henkin's influence just grows and grows. But with his warmth, good taste, and subtle hints of geekiness, as ubiquitous as he's becoming, Henkin is a benevolent theocracy and one that's unlikely to grow old.

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