The Fell's Pointer

Retired Washington Post correspondent Lew Diuguid knows a thing or two about the newspaper business, and he's been putting his expertise to good use editing The Fell's Pointer, the monthly publication of Fell's Point Citizens on Patrol. The one-page broadsheet (OK, so it's printed on both sides of an 8-by-14-inch sheet of paper) is stuffed in mailboxes and dropped off at local businesses, providing hyperlocal coverage of newsworthy developments in Fells Point, along with tidbits of history, a cartoon, announcements of upcoming neighborhood meetings, and humor and commentary about what's up in the cobblestoned hood on the waterfront. You won't find it online (except for PDFs, posted serendipitously on Fells Point-related web sites), and it's an all-volunteer effort, with printing and design costs donated by local businesses. In tone, it's in perfect pitch with the twinkly vigilance of the Fells Point zeitgeist, which, like the more seasoned habitués of the neighborhood taverns, knows how to tell a story, laugh at a joke, and, when circumstances dictate, get its hackles up in righteous indignation. We hope the Enoch Pratt Free Library is keeping an archive, because when future historians seek out the flavor of the current Fells Point era, the Pointer will be an essential resource.

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