Mr. Boh

We went out on such a high note last year after Buck Showalter took over as manager, and the Os were going to be greatly improved this season. There was “Buckyball” to look forward to, whatever that was. In any event, we were going to be playing at least .500 ball, maybe a shot at a wild card, hey, it could happen. Vladimir Guerrero was going to crush pitches clear out to the intersection of South Camden and West Eutaw streets. Next thing you know Brian Roberts isn’t coming back this year, and Luke Scott is out for the season. Félix Pie can’t get it together in the outfield. There are Goodyear-blimp-sized ERAs in the bullpen, and as of this writing Guerrero is batting .285, leading the Orioles in batting. We dealt Koji Uehara to Texas. We’re looking at next year. Ain’t the beer cold? Yes, it’s cold, and it numbs the ache of another season of futility. Natty Boh now flows from taps at Orioles Park at Camden Yards, and thus we say thanks, Mr. Boh, you are this year’s MVP. You are Orioles Magic. You take us to Birdland. We’ll see you in the spring.

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