Doreen Bolger

Doreen Bolger has energy rivaling the whole of MICA’s freshman class, the inside scoop on the local underground haps, and the connections and contacts that come with her esteemed position as the director of the Baltimore Museum of Art. Tirelessly working to bring outside grant money, collectors, and recognition to the young working artists in the community, Bolger serves on every imaginable committee while still finding time to make it out to every art, music, and theater show in the city and cover these events for her blog (, providing many artists with their first incisive press. Encouraging museum patrons, tourists, and colleagues to follow her to the H&H and Copy Cat buildings, Open Space, High Zero Festival, and Current Gallery, she has helped to empower artists, venues, and organizers by delivering an audience and countless new opportunities. It is rare for an entire city’s cross-disciplinary creative community to agree on anything, but when it comes to a local art hero, the vote is unanimous.

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