Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

409 E. Baltimore St., (410) 468-0990,

Much to our dismay, Larry Flynt subjugated the lovingly restored marquee of the Gayety building to conform to the design standard of his vulgar, effective Hustler smut-mag empire, and in action, the Baltimore Hustler Club prosecutes that branding aesthetic to the fullest with regular "Hustler Honey" amateur stripper nights, a "Barely Legal" room, and the recent addition of an adjacent "Cut and Poke" cigar lounge, featuring indoor smoking and lottery, Keno, and computer-horse-race wagering vices offered by our very own Maryland Lottery. We've resisted the Hustler embrace of Baltimore for a long time, but the recent T&T&A book tour event featuring photographer Tony Stamolis' volume of photographs of nude women juxtaposed with photos of an assortment of tacos is the last straw, forcing us to shake our head and salute the Hustler Club's Hustle. Also, $15 couch dances.

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