Jacques Kelly

In a recent Sun column, Jacques Kelly noted that National Bohemian beer is making a comeback, and that people have taken to calling it "Natty Boh." In another, he observed that Harborplace has become a tourist attraction, rather than a draw for locals. For many Baltimoreans, these are not new developments. But for Kelly, who's more Baltimorean than most Baltimorons, they provide a suitable jumping-off point for another column's traipse down memory lane. His nostalgic naiveté makes his columns read like something written in the 1950s, back when he first became a Sun reader (while taking breaks from his Latin homework). Each one is as precious as peach cake (another recent topic of his), and, if they weren't just published, we'd swear they'd been discovered in a time capsule. Thanks for the memories, Jacques.

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