Edmondson Village

4330 Edmondson Ave., (410) 396-0946, prattlibrary.org

Now that we're into the second#8212;or third#8212;year of the recession, the need for free things to do is more dire than ever. Fortunately, the Enoch Pratt library system has been busy updating its branches, and the latest major renovation, in Edmondson Village, is one of the best, with bright, airy rooms and updated technology. Instead of putting all the computers in a single, unhappy room, the library sprinkles them throughout, allowing children to use computers in one room and adults in another, plus a stand-alone computer center for those who need to spend more time applying for jobs. And while too many libraries have reduced their book holdings, the Edmondson branch keeps many books on the shelves, making the library as nice a place to browse for books as it is to spend time on the computer.

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