You can help historically document the McKeldin Fountain today

As part of Baltimore Heritage's Bmore Historic unconference, preservationists and scholars will be taking the measurements of the McKeldin Fountain (Best Brutal Holdout), the brutalist structure near the Inner Harbor whose planned demolition has caused plenty of controversy.

Members of the public are welcome to measure the fountain and contribute to a dimensional drawing of it. Fred Scharmen, an architecture professor at Morgan State University who has twice written about the fountain for City Paper, says the eventual goal is to take the drawing and 3-D print a model of the fountain.

People will also be interviewing passersby to collect reminiscences and possibly piece together an oral history.

All the information gathered will inform a workshop at Transmodern Festival at which people will build mini models of the fountain.

It runs today from 4:45-5:45 p.m., so uh, get there quick!

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