Watch a CP editor make a fool of himself at the Baltimore Blast media game

Our cover this week features my story on the Baltimore Blast, the city's indoor soccer team and winningest sports franchise. As I say in the piece, the team's games at the Royal Farms Arena have a more intimate feel thanks to the way players relate to fans, and also things like a steady soundtrack of jock jams and kid-friendly activities.

And then there are things like the media halftime game, taking place during halftime of Friday's game against the Missouri Comets. It's just as it sounds: Members of radio, TV, and print media will play a soccer game for your entertainment while trying not to embarrass themselves. Yours truly will be a participant. I haven't done any sort of athletic activity in, um, a long time, and it's been about two decades since I've played some form of organized soccer.

So, yeah. Just hoping I don't make an ass of myself.

For some reason, I feel compelled to tell you, the City Paper readers, to come out to this event, even though it has the potential to be a moment of great personal embarrassment. The game starts at 7:35 p.m. and tickets range from $16 to $40. Hope to see you there (?).

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