Wandering Eye: Washington Wizards will wear Baltimore Pride jerseys, Jeb Bush is a moron, and more

Yesterday's Washington Post has a fascinating scare story. "Drug use now rivals drunk driving as cause of fatal car crashes, study says." The piece claims that people high on PCP, opiates, or marijuana pose as big a threat as drunks. The anecdotes were chilling: "Kendall Owens admitted to police that he was high on PCP and marijuana when he caused a multi-car crash that killed one driver and injured six others on Long Island. And Adrianna M. Young tested positive for marijuana, police said, after her car careened off an Ohio road, crashing into a house and killing a woman sitting on her couch." But wait. You "test positive" for pot for weeks after your last toke. Was pot really a factor? Back in February, The Washington Post suggested not. "A new study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds that drivers who use marijuana are at a significantly lower risk for a crash than drivers who use alcohol. And after adjusting for age, gender, race and alcohol use, drivers who tested positive for marijuana were no more likely to crash than who had not used any drugs or alcohol prior to driving." News-wise, pot and driving is shaping up to be the new "everything gives you cancer;" "New superfood prevents cancer." (Edward Ericson Jr.)


You're probably going to need oven mits to handle the hot take we're about to send your way: Jeb Bush is an insensitive moron and beholden to the money given to him by rich insensitive morons. No but seriously, as Rolling Stone pointed out yesterday, Jeb Bush told Sirius XM show "The Arena" that he doesn't think there's anything wrong with the Washington Football Team being named a racial slur. "I don't think politicians ought to have any say in that, to be honest with you. I don't find it offensive. Native American tribes generally don't find it offensive," Bush said, pointing out that the Florida State Seminoles in his home state have been let off the hook, ignoring you know the whole thing that Seminole Tribe of Florida is an actual Native American tribe whereas "redskin" is just a hateful slur.

Meanwhile, ThinkProgress reports that Bush's Super PAC has taken $100,000 dollars from Dan Snyder, the unapologetic owner of the Washington Football Team, so maybe that's why Bush doesn't find it offensive? (Brandon Soderberg)


The NBA's Washington Wizards were once the Baltimore Bullets, from 1963-1973. Even though were only around town for a decade, have been in Washington for more than four, and now go by an altogether different name, the Wizards are going to celebrate their Charm City roots by wearing Baltimore Pride jerseys for six games. The uni's vertical red, white, and blue stripes are an homage to a jersey worn by the Bullets from 1969-1973, according to a report in The Sun. Though you can be sure the controversial "Bullets" name won't be on them. This is a nice gesture and all, but let's call it what it really is: an attempt to get more Baltimore basketball fans to care about a Washington, D.C. franchise. (Brandon Weigel)

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