Wandering Eye: Southeast heats up on height restrictions, Davis speaks on the sit-in, and more

A zoning meeting scheduled for Oct. 21 at the Southeast Anchor Library branch in Highlandtown is shaping up to be a barn-burner. This week a flier began circulating in and around Fells Point warning residents that their rooftop deck views could be wiped out overnight if a proposed zoning change goes into effect, increasing "the allowable height limit of buildings along and near the waterfront from the current 35 feet to as much as 100 feet." The proposed C-1 zoning designation for Aliceanna Street, Boston Street, Eastern Avenue, and Broadway would raise the allowable height to 60 feet. The block of Chester Street between Fleet Street and Eastern Avenue—currently occupied by a Burger King and a Royal Farms—would be designated C-2, or 100 feet. Neighbors are pissed off that First District Councilman James Kraft, who has already announced that he is not running for reelection, did not give them a heads up on this. "A lame duck councilman and mayor are allowing developers to pillage our neighborhood," the flier warns, and it includes Kraft's cell phone number. That’s what you call a draw. (Edward Ericson Jr.)


Yesterday morning, Interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis—who is the imminent commish proper—appeared on "The Norris and Davis Show," a weekday WJZ-FM talk show co-hosted by Ed Norris, a former police commissioner and convicted felon. On the show, Kevin Davis said this about Wednesday night's City Hall sit-in: "In a perfect world, they probably wouldn't have stayed so long." This highlights the strange understanding Davis has of protests and how they operate, and illustrates the concerns expressed by a group of Baltimore activists in their open letter and concerns City Paper brought up last month: He's OK with protests until well, he just isn't anymore. It's also just an insensitive choice of words. Really, in a perfect world, protesters wouldn't protest for so long? What? Believe it or not, we are (were?) rooting for Davis. We found his presence at a protest back in August heartening and he seemed like a guy who was willing to stand there and listen, but the actions of the police and a profound difference between what Davis says and does are troubling. (Brandon Soderberg)


Maybe you saw Jose Bautista's monster go-ahead home run in Game 5 of the ALDS, or maybe you didn't. You can now live (or relive) the moment through grainy footage shot by fans in the stadium, compiled here by Deadspin. It's funny to hear people scream, shout, and jump around like crazy people all because of a game, but it's also a reminder of the way sports can unite—thousands of people in that stadium are losing their shit, and they're all losing it together. Oh, to be in the baseball playoffs. We'll always have Delmon Young's double in last year's ALDS, Baltimore. (Brandon Weigel)

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