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PG County cop gets 45 years for putting a gun to a man's head, how Reagan ignored AIDS, and more

What are cops in Prince George's County like? One, Officer Jenchesky Santiago, apparently likes to put guns to people's heads to impress his buddies. Santiago was convicted of first-degree assault and misconduct in office, according to a story in The Washington Post. The victim, William Cunningham, was talking to his cousin while they were parked outside Cunningham's house when Santiago pulled up in his cruiser. Santiago said they were parked illegally, and Cunningham said he would go inside. "Santiago then backed up, parked his cruiser and ran to Cunningham at the door of his home, where Santiago pulled out his gun." A video, released by the police department, shows "Santiago holding the gun close to the man’s forehead and shouting, 'I dare you to [expletive] fight me, son.'" According Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks, Santiago could serve up to 45 years in jail. (Brandon Weigel)


Among the many terrible things that Ronald Reagan did—shout out Iran-Contra—was ignoring the AIDS epidemic for many years. This is rattled off by annoying lefties like myself all the time, but the extent of Reagan and his administration's callousness is made more clear thanks to a Vanity Fair mini-documentary "When AIDS Was Funny," released this week. The video has been bouncing all around the internet and hearing members of Reagan's cabinet and members of the press laugh off the disease is staggering, mostly because it's so casual. In 1984, by which time more than 4,200 people had died from AIDS, Reagan press secretary Larry Speakes mocks journalist Lester Kinsolving for asking Reagan's stance on the disease by asking Kinsolving, "Have you been checked?" And then members of the press all laugh. It's rough because it's so banal and quotidian and high school locker room. You don't just hear people who lack the correct information, you hear people who don't want the correct information or any information at all. You can watch the video over at Vanity Fair. (Brandon Soderberg)


Golfer Tiger Woods recently gave a pretty bleak press conference in which he said there was no timetable for his return, and that he has "nothing to look forward to." He also said: "I am really good at playing video games. That how I pass a lot of my time." Damn, dude. Now, Time magazine has published a wide-ranging interview with the usually tight-lipped Woods that touches on his relationship with the media, failed relationships, and injuries. Give it a read. (Brandon Weigel)

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