Wandering Eye: Hamilton RoFo back from the dead, why HomeJoy died, and more

Christina Farr, on Medium, has a new theory about the failure of HomeJoy, the gig-economy cleaning service that was once the darling of VCs and tech disrupters: Groupon killed it. "One of its biggest problems was the crippling cost of customer acquisition," she writes, citing several former employees. "By mid-2014, thousands of people were scooping up deeply discounted first time Homejoy cleanings for $19.99 on daily deal sites like Groupon. The company offered these aggressively even though its own internal data showed most of these people never used the service again, according to three ex-employees." When the company shuttered in July, founder Adora Cheung said the lawsuits and a recent California labor department decision about the status of Uber drivers was the main reason. "I wish we were able to do more for them," she said of her workers, which she and all gig-economy bosses classify as independent contractors, "but the reality is that we can't under the current regulatory environment." Now comes Farr's piece, which essentially says tough competition and managerial missteps took HomeJoy down. The service quality was weak and the company's focus on growth instead of revenue (the tech mantra) spelled doom: "The key problem is that we weren't making enough money on our customers," recalled Daniel Hung, the second full-time engineer to join the company. "We were spending a lot of money to acquire them, but not really retaining them." (Edward Ericson Jr.)


Things are really bad for the Ravens right now, so you might see more fans doing what some Washington football fans were photographed doing in the stadium: receiving oral sex. Hey, the Washington football team has been pretty hapless for years now, so . . . nah, this is still fucking weird. According to one of the anonymous photographers, one of the men spotted getting a blowy was previously seen motor-boating a woman with her clothes on (of course he was). Then they "noticed the girl stumble to the ground and didn't get back up. All you saw was head movement from our angle . . . It's [sic] stopped when someone came up to them and said get a room. Followed by a lot of laughter from them." This leads to so many questions. Is stadium exhibitionism a thing? If these people are into exhibitionism, what could possibly be the appeal of this? How many other people were engaged in sex acts but not photographed? What are the other sex acts going on at FedEx Field? If things keep going south for the Ravens, we may see M&T Bank Stadium turn into its own Sodom and Gomorrah. (Brandon Weigel)


First there was the plan for a Royal Farms gas station on Harford Road. Then there was the fight to stop it. Then the plan died, prompting opponents to celebrate. Now, however, the the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals voted to approve the gas station and convenience store after a Planning Department memo cited, "a new site plan in which the developer promised to remove parking spaces in the back, add green space and make some other changes," according to the Baltimore Brew. A lawyer representing residents opposed to the Royal Farms told the zoning board: "Something happened. Somebody got to Planning . . . That's politics." (Brandon Weigel)

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