Wandering Eye: County schools have a plan for A/C, new Bjork!, and more

After being publicly shamed by Gov. Larry Hogan and Comptroller Peter Franchot, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz unveiled a plan yesterday to accelerate the addition of air conditioning in county schools. Back in September, following several school closures due to the sweltering heat, Franchot chided the county for not having updated its facilities, saying, "Clearly, it's not a question of resources." Not so, says Kamenetz, whose plan calls for $175 million from the state over the next three years. Here's the underlying political manuevering: If commentator Barry Rasocvar is correct, this battle between Kamenetz and Hogan could be a preview of the fight for governor in 2018. Kamenetz is now addressing the issue while also punting it back to Hogan and Franchot. We shall see what happens next. Oddly, only a few people seem to be talking about the lack of A/C in city schools. (Brandon Weigel)


Bjork announced on Monday that she's releasing an acoustic version of her album "Vulnicura" with strings, voice, and viola organista only. We saw her perform songs from the deeply personal album, which catalogs her breakup with artist Matthew Barney, back in March at Carnegie Hall (and blogged about it). She was accompanied by modern-music chamber group Alarm Will Sound at that concert to devastating effect, so we're pretty excited to hear this record—especially because the viola organista, "an instrument which was designed originally by Leonardo da Vinci but not built until after his lifetime," is apparently the only one in the world, according to Bjork's website. You can listen to the strings version of 'Lionsong' on YouTube now. The album will be released on Nov. 6. (Anna Walsh)


The Major League Baseball playoffs started last night, but the drama, at least for the New York Mets, has been going on for a while. Specifically, the team has had a few bizarre battles with one of its ace pitchers, Matt Harvey. Back in September, Harvey's agent, the notorious Scott Boras, said doctors suggested limiting Harvey's innings after his first year back from elbow surgery, thus making it impossible for him to pitch in the playoffs. The team's front office, however, said they talked with the pitcher before the season and formulated a plan, and that there was no reason to deviate from that. They ended up skipping some of Harvey's starts, but the whole public back-and-forth was pretty scandalous, especially in the pressure cooker of New York. Now there's this: Harvey missed a mandatory workout yesterday. His reason? He was stuck in traffic. OK, this is New York we're talking about, but just look at this Deadspin post on how Harvey's story "has already fallen apart." "No matter how bad traffic is, it doesn't take two hours and 15 minutes to get from the Queens-Midtown Tunnel to Flushing. And then there's Harvey's excuse when he finally arrived—he simply lost track of time." Harvey apologized and is on track to start Game 3 of the National League Division Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. It'll be hella awkward if he pitches like shit. (Brandon Weigel) 

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