Videos show police throwing smoke bombs, shooting, apparently unprovoked

Video production company 8704Media has sent City Paper two videos, one of which seems to show police thowing a smoke bomb at protesters without any apparent provocation, and the other of which (in related items) shows police shooting at a target off-camera, again without any apparent provocation. It's not clear if they are shooting live or rubber bullets.

A representative of 8704 Media offered this context for the videos:

"I was out documenting events taking place at the intersection of North and Fulton when a police Tactical vehicle approached. Officers got out of the vehicle very aggressively with weapons drawn and pointed at the crowd, causing the crowd to move away.

"While we watched, an officer went into a vehicle, grabbed a smoke grenade and tossed it toward the crowd. People ran, but returned to continue watching. One contingent of officers proceeded into the liquor store and removed three to four Asian males from the building while the rest stood guard around the building and proceeded to fire upon the crowd of observers as seen in the video."

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