The Fox and the Hedgehog: Bomb threat at Fox 45 studios

Security camera technician Jonathan Heaton didn't flinch when a man in a hedgehog costume, a surgical mask, and dark shades entered the vestibule of the Fox 45 Studios on TV Hill today around 1:15 p.m.

The man in the fuzzy hedgehog onesie looked at Heaton and his partner, who were installing new cameras at the station, and demanded that the pair air information he had about a "Panama cover-up."

He handed them a USB drive.

"And then he ripped open his costume and said if we didn't, he was going to blow the place up," Heaton said. "His buttons went flying everywhere. We saw a red vest and something metallic looking around his waist and what looked like an electrical transformer in his hand."

There was a long pause then Heaton told the man, "We don't work here. Maybe you should talk to the security guard at the window."

A security guard came to the door of the vestibule but refused to let the man inside. "The guard was going to take the [USB] drive but the guy wanted to be let in and the guard refused,” Heaton said. "He started ranting, 'I don't want to hurt anyone. I need to broadcast this.' As that was happening, another guard came in and shouted that there was a car on fire and me and my partner causally walked out the front door."

Once outside, Heaton called 911 to report the furry bomber and the car fire.

When police arrived and cleared the area, Heaton was escorted to a safe spot where he gave a description of the man in the animal suit to police.

For the next hour, Heaton was a witness to the bizarre exchanges between the police and the would-be bomber.

"The police gave him several warnings," said Heaton. "They told him to take his hand out of his pocket and get on the ground. When he didn't, I heard three shots fired and he went down. He bent forward and fell backwards and then was laying there."

As City Paper posts this, the man has only been identified as a 25-year-old from Howard County, according to WJZ, whose studio is also on TV Hill. It was also reported that the bomb was made from "chocolate bars and wires."

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