Sheriff's Office permitted to move protesters away from courthouse during Freddie Gray trials

The Baltimore City Sherriff's Office obtained permits limiting areas where protesters may assemble during the Freddie Gray trials.

Reports this morning indicated that deputies were moving small groups of protesters from certain areas near the courthouse where the first of six trials was taking place.

Major Sabrina Tapp-Harper, a spokeswoman for the Sherriff's Office, confirmed that the law enforcement agency responsible for policing the courthouse had taken the permits for the buildings at 100 and 111 N. Calvert St.

"They can have a protest at any time," she said. "But the thing is, during the time when the courthouse is open, we don't allow them to obstruct the courthouse or stand on the courthouse steps."

The office requested them "anticipating that there could be some kind of problem or potential [for one] based on what we had dealt with in the past with protests and large groups," she said.

The permits allow deputies to move people from certain areas of the sidewalk, and even shut down the block of Calvert Street between the two buildings if need be. These limitations only apply to when court is in session.

Though the small group of protesters moved across the street this morning, their chants could still be heard inside the courtroom, according to journalists inside.

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