Sen. Bill Ferguson petitions Flacco to help with MTA S-Passes

Two separate items regarding the Maryland Transit Administration you may have read about recently: Baltimore students have had the hours of their S-Pass fare cards reduced and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is being paid $45,000 to appear on the side of new BaltimoreLink and make radio and TV promos. 

What unites these two things is, of course, funding. City Councilman Zeke Cohen, who has been fighting the S-Pass changes tooth and nail, made as much clear in a Facebook post.

"Less than two years out from the Unrest, this decision speaks volumes," he wrote, adding that "City Council Education and Youth Committee will act" next week.

This morning, State Sen. Bill Ferguson (D-District 46) petitioned Mr. Elite himself to help out, starting a #PassToOurStudents campaign on Twitter.

Ferguson explained that, by cutting off S-Pass access at 6 p.m., students miss out on "enrolling in after-school programs, sports, and part time jobs."

"Show our kids they're elite," it says.

Note how he doesn't directly ask him to give the money back, but it's worth pointing out that Flacco earns, according to The Sun, $22.1 million a year for his salary and $500,000 in endorsements. 

The agency representing Flacco, JL Sports, referred questions to the Ravens. The Ravens referred questions to MTA. A request for comment sent to the MTA was not immediately returned.

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