Read Kondwani Fidel's "A Death Note," featured on this week's cover

For this week's issue City Paper reprinted Baltimore writer Kondwani Fidel's "How a young boy has been decaying in Baltimore since age 10: A Death Note" in full. Fidel has been featured in CP before, and we think "A Death Note" is but one example of the poet and writer's great talent. The piece moves beyond the numbers of Baltimore's murder rate and captures the pain and anguish for the communities that live with death every day, humanizing the victims, those who mourn them, and even the trigger-pullers. As Fidel concludes, the violence in Baltimore is fundamentally linked with the city's poverty, and the only way to stop the killing and the depression in communities is to fix that.

"A Death Note" has since gone viral, even getting a co-sign from filmmaker Ava DuVernay. Putting the story in our print issue helps, we hope, to spread the word on Fidel's writing and gets this piece in front of more eyeballs.

But rather than post it on our site and siphon off Fidel's traffic, we'll simply direct you to his piece on Medium.

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