O'Malley email implies a candidacy announcement: 'New leadership is needed to move our country forward'

This morning, a day after Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president in a video, Martin O'Malley sent an email and video to supporters which, while not explicitly announcing a run, comes pretty close: "There are moments in our history when new leadership is needed to move our country forward," the email reads. "This is one of them."

The email, with subject "The Road Ahead," also includes a short video of O'Malley on the campaign trail (below) and mentions his "travels to Iowa last week, and New Hampshire the week before" and "the enthusiastic crowds that greeted me at every stop."

The night before Clinton's announcement, Saturday Night Live's opening sketch depicted her filming the video and included a snipe at O'Malley. "I'm sure I will face some stiff competition from my fellow Democrats, people like Martin O'Malley, who could really give me a run for my money," she said as she broke into a laugh, adding, "I'm sorry I broke, it's too funny. Martin O'Malley instead of me—he sounds like a 'Simpsons' character."

O'Malley responded with the following tweet early Sunday morning:

For the record, I've always loved The Simpsons.

— Martin O'Malley (@GovernorOMalley) April 12, 2015

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