Newports and Soy Lattes: Donald Trump will make America hate again

City Paper

Pay close attention to Donald Trump's little Hitler imitations, his hesitation to distance himself from ex-KKK leader David Duke, and how he had 30 peaceful African American students removed from one of his events a little over a week ago, and you'll see that Donald Trump's “Make America Great Again” slogan means completely removing Black Americans from the narrative of this country. One Black protester in Fayetteville, North Carolina was socked in the face and Trump cheered on the old coward who snuck in the lucky punch. The assaulter was charged, and Trump hopped on "Meet the Press" and said, “I’ll have people looking in to paying his legal fees.” Who would think that a person could run a successful campaign centered around such blatant racism in 2016? 

I’d file Trump’s campaign with the hottest, most trashiest, substance-free crap that has dominated pop culture over the last 10 years. It’s a "Real House Wives" type reality show—his lectures are as valuable as Kardashian logic mixed with Honey Boo Boo’s diet, and yet, people are listening to him. People are proudly wearing “Make America Great Again” t-shirts that were made in Mexico, and still taking him seriously. The only thing worse than the lies he tells about the success of his string of failed companies, his speeches, his snarkiness, the multiple contradictions he regurgitates when his mouth opens, his half-baked ideas, and his prude bubbled face, are his rallies.

Trump rallies are sad. Really sad. Oscar Award nominating sad––even sadder than the Palin rallies back in 2008. Every inch of the screen is full of a bunch a haters, a diverse collection of whiteness—their skin tones range from peach-pale to Trump-red. Some are in suits and awkward snap backs while other where cowboy hats, suspenders, soiled t-shirts, and denim—and anger is what they all share. These people are white and in America so I’ve yet to figure out why they are so mad, but the language is universal: they speak, scream, fuss and chant hate, all the way up until The Donald commands the podium where he eggs them on by yelling about a Mexican wall to be built by Mexico, war, his money, his penis size, killing the families of terrorists along with other war crimes, the polls, his victories, the competition or lack thereof, and any and every other divisive complaint that an overly privileged-racist second grader could come up with. The combination of all makes up his cocktail of “Make America Great Again.” The best thing to ever come from Trump’s campaign, and the only way he has made America great again so far, was the energy that his ignorance injected into the good citizens of Chicago.

Rightfully angry Chicagoans—Black, white, Latino, Asian, gay, straight, young, old and every other group--teamed up, linked up, and shut his campaign down last Friday. The images range from anti-Trump sign wavers, people being subdued by cops, and groups chanting a line from Kendrick Lamar’s revolutionary 'Alright': “If God got us then we goin' be alright!” Some media outlets have been calling the groups responsible for canceling his rally "mobs of troublemakers" and "thugs," which is false. They have it backwards. Trump and those attending his racist rallies are the thugs. The groups responsible encompass the many different types of beautiful people that make up America, unlike the polarizing groups we see when Trump comes to a city. 

There are two major things that I’d like to say to poor white Trump supporters, because they don’t understand. The first is that Donald can’t relate to you. He doesn’t eat the food that’s killing you, take the medicine they try out on you, or truly understand your hardships. He doesn’t even have an honorable American story. He was born into money and never worked a hard day in his life. Check his smooth, small, clean manicured hands. Unlike you, he’s allowed to fail and bankrupt a countless amount of businesses because of trust fund money, a reality that I’m sure the bulk of his supporters can’t identify with. The poor white Trump supporters who flood these rallies probably have more in common with the minorities that are being demonized.

And secondly, America would not be America without Black people. Forget how this country rose to power through free labor (meaning slavery), or how Blacks were used as Guinea pigs in experiments that led to many of the advancements in modern medicine, or how most of the people who probably attend Trump rallys run home on the weekends to watch their favorite negroes score touchdowns and dunk basketballs. Seriously, you really don’t want blacks in America? There’s no Elvis, Beatles, or Beach Boys without Black music. Then there’s the traffic light, potato chips, the gas mask, the mailbox, the blood bank, the carbon filament for light bulbs, the pacemaker control unit, the fire proof safe, the telegraph, the home video game console, the imaging X-Ray spectrometer, mobile refrigeration, the elevator, the mop, the almanac, the car phone, ice cream, the lawn mower, the fire extinguisher, the ironing board, and air conditioning units--all of which wouldn't exist without African Americans. The list goes on and on and on.

This country would be a shell of itself without black and brown people. We aren’t taking your jobs—many of us are frustrated and unemployed too. It’s the greedy Trump types that are responsible for outsourcing opportunity to different countries for profit, which hasn’t and never will make America great.  

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