On first try, Mosby convicts rapist acquitted in four earlier trials under Bernstein

During Marilyn Mosby's campaign to unseat State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein last year, she often hammered him on the case of Nelson Clifford, who Bernstein's office had tried four times in four different sexual assault cases, each time with DNA evidence, and lost four times. City Paper called the state's attorney's handling of the cases unacceptable.

But on the fifth try—the first since Mosby became state's attorney—Clifford was convicted on two counts of sex offense in the third degree and faces a potential life sentence. The Sun's Justin Fenton tweeted the news this afternoon, and shortly thereafter, Mosby offered a triumphant reply:

@justin_fenton Got em'

— Marilyn J. Mosby (@MarilynMosbyEsq) May 8, 2015

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