Martin O'Malley just doubled down on being a clown by apparently doubling down on his policing policy

We recently highlighted some of the ways Martin O'Malley, former mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland, has foolishly hinted at another bid for the presidency just after his wildly unsuccessful one last year.

Well, the sideshow has now become a full-blown shitshow.

In a Medium post published Tuesday showing he's down with new urbanism, O'Malley dropped this gem: "Cities, for the most part, are safer and better governed today than ever before. There are exceptions to the rule. Some cities haven't yet figured it out. Sadly, my own hometown of Baltimore chose to forget a lot of hard-earned lessons learned about crime reduction. But all across the country, cities large and small are making themselves safer."

"Hard-earned lessons about crime reduction"? Excuse me? Such crime-reduction methods as the zero-tolerance policing that was thwarted by the ACLU and NAACP? Like the numerous violations of the Constitution found by the DOJ in its patterns and practice investigation of the Baltimore Police Department—violations that corroborated what the people of Baltimore have been saying for years? Like the $5.7 million the city paid for settlements stemming from officers assaulting alleged suspects? 

It would appear O'Malley never learned his lesson: The tactics he set forth needlessly destroyed communities in the city and let officers of the BPD run roughshod over the citizenry. Kevin Davis, Catherine Pugh, and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake all know this. O'Malley, somehow, does not.

Please go away forever, Marty.

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