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Manny Machado's garden gnome gets a mythical backstory

If you're going to turn your star third baseman into garden gnome, might as well go all out and provide a mythical backstory as to his existence. That's what the Orioles did this morning for their forthcoming Manny Machado garden gnome giveaway.

In the "enchanted land known throughout the baseball kingdom as Birdland," a "magical creature with unusual powers" lives underneath third base to "cast Manny Magic on the caretaker he so closely resembles." The "exceptional sprite," we're led to believe, is what provides the "spell-binding plays and dazzling defense." In light of Machado's otherworldly play thus far, this is not that hard to believe. Watch the full video below.

The gnomes will be given out before the July 9 game against the Los Angeles Angels.

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