Keith Davis Jr. sentenced to five years in prison

Keith Davis Jr. was sentenced to five years in prison with no parole for his conviction of prohibited possession of a regulated firearm.

Davis Jr. was the first person shot by the Baltimore Police Department following the death of Freddie Gray, and the circumstances surrounding the shooting and his arrest for allegedly robbing a hack driver made his case a rallying point for local activists protesting police brutality.

According to the police, Davis Jr. held up the hack driver on June 7, 2015 and fled from officers to an auto garage, where they said he pointed a gun at them. Davis Jr. and activists said police chased the wrong man and that Davis Jr. was holding a phone as he hid behind a fridge in the garage. What's not in dispute: Police fired dozens of shots, hitting Davis Jr. three times.

In February, a jury acquitted Davis Jr. of 15 of 16 charges, including attempted arm robbery and assault on multiple BPD officers, but convicted Davis Jr. for having the gun with a prior felony.

At the sentencing hearing, defense attorney Latoya Francis-Williams made several motions for a new trial, including one argument that the verdict was legally inconsistent since Davis Jr. was convicted of possessing a gun with a felony but was acquitted on a charge of wearing, carrying, or transporting the firearm.

Judge Barry G. Williams was not swayed. Assistant State's Attorney LaZette Ringgold-Kirksey asked for the maximum sentence of 15 years, but Williams sentenced the mandatory minimum of five.

Back in March, weeks after the verdict, murder charges were brought against Davis Jr. after ballistics records linked the gun taken from the garage with the murder of Kevin Jones, a security guard at Pimlico Race Course who was killed hours before Davis Jr. encountered police.

That case is scheduled for arraignment on April 28.

Outside the courtroom, Francis-Williams said she had talked with her firm's appellate team about a possible appeal, but the decision to pursue that is, ultimately, up to her client.

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