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Joe Flacco taps into his own aloofness to shill for Pepsi, Tostitos

When you think about Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, you don't necessarily think of charisma—though, according to Jess Mayhugh at Baltimore magazine, you may think of hotness.

As great as he can be as a quarterback, Flacco seems like a bit of a robo-person when it comes to everything else. Let us not forget about those truly magnificent Pizza Hut commercials he did a little while back:

Let us also not forget when his own pops famously told the New York Times: "Joe is dull. As dull as he is portrayed in the media, he's that dull. He is dull."

Flacco, perhaps with an eye toward meta self-parody, recently starred in a Pepsi ad that plays up his apparent aloofness. In the spot, the quarterback talks about his inability to throw a proper football party—he can't open a bag of Tostitos without it exploding or hand someone a Pepsi without launching it like a football. Because he's a big lug who's good at tossing the pigskin, get it? But don't you worry, because specialists are here to help Joe Cool out, etc., etc.

Check out the video below and give credit to Flacco for being willing to make fun of himself:

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