Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback? A new poll will decide

Public Policy Polling, a very real polling organization that typically deals in, well, public policy, will take the pulse of the American public to see whether or not citizens think Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is elite.

The whole "Is Joe Flacco elite?" question was fodder for local sports talk radio before blossoming into a full-blown meme, thanks in large part to comedic football writer PFTCommenter, who started a Flaccometer in his SB Nation column to measure the eliteness of Flacco's play.

Flacco's abilities became part of the national political discussion when PFTCommenter was spotted on MSNBC holding a "Is Joe Flacco a elite quarterback?" sign just behind Chris Matthews. Since then, the question has been posed to several candidates. Mike Huckabee dodged, while both Donald Trump and Martin O'Malley agreed: Flacco is elite.

Now, as the Founding Fathers surely would have wanted, this imporant debate is being put to the American people—or the small subsect of people who are asked to take this poll, anyway.

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