In This Week's City Paper: Souped-up cars, the return of Sheila, and more

We all know Ocean City as Maryland's home to the beach, the Boardwalk, mini golf, Thrasher's fries, and much more. But during one weekend in October, this vacation destination becomes the playground of car enthusiasts with tricked-out Volkswagens, Audis, and other cars. They all arrive because the H2O International car show is here, but some care less about the festival and more about evading the cops while doing burnouts on Coastal Highway. Our resident car nut, Edward Ericson Jr., traveled downee ocean to check out this year's festival for our cover story. Here's a rundown of the issue:

-The Hyper-chippin' No-Fucks-Givin' Fender-Scrapin' Axle-Breakin' Waterhead Jamboree

-Contact Sheet: The H2O International Gathering in Ocean City in Photos

-'I Never Liked My Name' an essay by Zane Campbell

-La Folie Wine Bar & Steak Frites brings je ne sais quoi to Canton

-Sheila Dixon begins a write-in campaign for mayor, because why not?

-New exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum emphasizes food and all its peculiarities

-Field Tripping: Jury Dutying

-Murder Ink 10/19/16: 9 murders this week, 251 murders this year

-Baltimore City Power Rankings: Ruby Grantees, Sheila Dixon, Donald Trump, more...

-Savage Love: The Trump Talk

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