In this week's City Paper: Psychedelic experiments, a deeper look at the DOJ report, and more

"It may be surprising to learn that the most striking, profound, and well-documented religious and mystical experiences are happening every week inside of a research center at Bayview in East Baltimore, rather than inside of a church or synagogue." This is a quote from this week's cover story, which centers on psychedelic research, religion, and the work of John C. Lilly. Along with that are stories on the transcendent music and arts festival Fields Festival (which will mostly certainly have a lot of people on drugs) and a column from Kate Drabinski about altered states that do not require psychedelics. Here's a rundown of the issue:

-Escape from Planet Earth: Psychedelics, religion, and outlaw scientist John C. Lilly

-Field Tripping: A Good Girl's altered states

-Fields Fest organizers talk about adding artists, fostering an immersive experience, and more

-Niwana offers Korean and Japanese fare in a cozy, familial atmosphere

-Boosie and Glizzy bring beautiful street rap defiance to RoFo, pay tribute to Young Moose, Lor Scoota, and Freddie Gray

-BPD violates the Constitution and federal law, DOJ finds

-By the Numbers: Justice Department statistics measure the scope of the problem

-Natalie Moore's 'The South Side' digs into Chicago's segregation

-'Hoax' brings marks into the con game

-Murder Ink 8/17/16: 6 murders this week, 184 murders this year

-Baltimore City Power Rankings: BPD

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