Happening Sunday: Puppets in the Garden, 'The Beyond,' and more

-Puppets in the Garden: If you've been fooled into believing that puppets are a kid’s game, wake up. Puppeteering has been an art form for thousands of years, far longer than most live theater we see today. Puppets are moving, manipulative three-dimensional artwork—and they also do funny shit like punch each other and tap dance and sometimes twerk. Enjoy a show by North Carolina’s Cripps puppets and try your hand at making and manipulating your own puppet in Black Cherry Puppet Theatre’s garden. 1 and 3:30 p.m., Black Cherry Puppet Theatre, 1115 Hollins St., (410) 752-7272, blackcherry.org, free. (Maura Callahan)

-Pizza Party After Dark: "The Beyond" / "Zombie": A double dose of hyper-gory surreal Italian zombie horror from Pizza Party, the screen-printing company run by Daniel Petruccelli and Jimmy Giegerich, who pair their love of genre filmmaking with scrappy, creative cartooning (they do some pretty sick metal show fliers too). This installment of the pizza party features two movies from Lucio Fulci, simultaneously one of Italian horror's most cerebal and most trashy directors. He's a fiend for complicated, violent, and absurd set pieces (just to name two: in "Zombie," a zombie fights a shark; in "The Beyond," spiders patiently devour a man's eyeballs) but he also has a way with atmosphere and a willingness to abandon all narrative logic if it makes things scarier or more surreal. He's indebted to George Romero for sure, but he also looks back to the work of Lovecraft and Poe, in the druggy pacing of 1979's "Zombie,"about a slow-drip invasion of the undead, and "The Beyond," a dream-logic story about a haunted Louisiana mansion that contains a gateway to hell. There will be a Pizza Party-designed "The Beyond" shirt and a "Zombie" poster for purchase and also pizza. 7 p.m., The Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave., (410) 244-8855, thewindupspace.com, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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