Happening Saturday: The EmporiYum, Record Store Day, and more

-The EmporiYum: To prepare for Monday’s festively vicious snacking, stock up on good artisanal grub so you’re not just going through bags of stale Doritos. Dozens of local foodie businesses, including Hex Ferments, Dooby’s, Birroteca, Woodberry Kitchen, and Mobtown Meat Snacks, gather to serve up sips, samples, meals, and products for your devouring pleasure. Through Sunday, Former H&S Bakery Distribution Center, Fleet Street and South Central Avenue, theemporiyum.com, $15-$20 admission. (Maura Callahan)

- Shogun Fights: Local favorites like Binky Jones and Jesse Stirn from Ground Control take on fighters from all over Maryland and NoVA in this XIIth edition of the mixed martial arts classic. The familiar octagon is here replaced by a circle with eight support posts, but the rest is standard: Beautiful ring girls walk out between rounds as the men kick, punch, and try to wrestle each other into submission. No eye-gouging, fish-hooking, or groin strikes allowed. Bleeding is optional. 7 p.m., Royal Farms Arena, 201 W. Baltimore St., (410) 727-7811, royalfarmsarena.com, $30-$250. (Edward Ericson Jr.)

-MediumRare: An Experimental Fashion Event: One of the many charms of the Lithuanian Hall in Southwest Baltimore is that it feels from another time and place. We walk in there for Save Your Soul or some other event and it's like we've stepped into the wedding scene in "The Deer Hunter." So we'll be really interested to see the Eastern European vibe of the place juxtaposed with "innovative fashion, costume design, puppetry, performance art and soft sculpture." This pairing comes courtesy of the MICA Fiber Department's Multi-Media Event class, who will bring 200 designers, models, and performers to the hall for a runway show and gallery displays. In addition to that, there will be students from the Retooling the Cottage class offering utilitarian items made with fair labor and sustainability in mind. No word on whether or not there will be honey shots. 3:30 p.m., Lithuanian Hall, 851 Hollins St., fyi.mica.edu, $12, students $7 (tickets only available at the MICA Store). (Brandon Weigel)

- Record Store Day: It's easy to get cynical about what Record Store Day has become. Nowadays there are huge lines and the limited-edition release you've been eyeing gets gobbled up and sold on eBay for a big profit. But let's keep our eye on the ball here—you're still spending the day surrounded by great music and, in doing so, supporting an ever-important local institution. Here in Baltimore, we're lucky it's "institutions" with an "s," thanks to the likes of The Sound Garden, Celebrated Summer, JoJoSouth, Protean, Normal's, El Suprimo, Own Guru, and True Vine, to name a few. Normal's will host a free show featuring Odwalla88, Boat Water, Bobby Donnie, Frisco n Jeff, Bohemian Slump, and Nick Hope, starting at 1:30 p.m., and Own Guru is having a half-off sale all weekend long. Assume the crate-digging position. Hours vary, Normal's Books & Records, 425 E. 31st. St., (410) 243-6888, normals.com; Celebrated Summer Records, 3616 Falls Road, (443) 866-9988, celebratedsummerrecords.blogspot.com; JoJoSouth Record Shop, 718 W. 36th St., (410) 889-1759, jojosouth.com; Protean Records, 925 S. Charles St., (410) 227-3006, facebook.com/ProteanRecords; El Suprimo Records, 1709 Aliceanna St., (410) 276-5455, elsuprimo.com; Own Guru, 1635 Lancaster St., (443) 844-5896; The Sound Garden, 1616 Thames St., (410) 563-9011, cdjoint.com; True Vine, 3544 Hickory Ave., (410) 235-4500, thetruevinerecordshop.com, spend to your heart's content. (Brandon Weigel)

-From the Short List: Kahlon, the boundary-pushing party at The Crown curated by Abdu Ali and City Paper contributor Lawrence Burney, features Princess Nokia, Mild Sobriety, and more. Austin-based indie-folk duo Dawn & Hawkes perform at Eutaw Place. The Creative Alliance at the Patterson’s 2015 Marquee Ball has an apocalyptic Mad Max theme and soulful music from Bosley. The Julia Hulsmann Quartet celebrates the lesser-known works of Kurt Weill at An die Musik Live. Baltimore indie bands The Honest Mistakes and Spaceboy play the Ottobar. Fishbone side project Year Of The Dragon plays Fishhead Cantina. British punk pioneers The Buzzcocks play Baltimore Soundstage with Residuels and Expert Alterations. San Francisco electronic producer Random Rab headlines the 8x10. Baltimore AOR vets The Ravyns play Rams Head Live. Celtic Thunder brings traditional Irish music with a theatrical twist to the Meyerhoff. Don't miss: Baltimore punk band Over N Out is, well, over after it plays its final show at Charm City Art Space with Carry The Banner, Wander, Take Care, and more. (Al Shipley)

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