Happening Saturday: OktoBEARfest, Odell's Reunion Party, and more

-OktoBEARfest: Fall-flavored beers are best paired with bears, lions, penguins, and elephants—you know, not for eating, but for the company. Sample more than 30 seasonal beers at the zoo alongside polka music, German food, artisans, and plenty of wildlife. Really, chimps make the best drinking buddies. Just don’t mess with the giraffes; they’re total assholes. Noon-4 p.m., Maryland Zoo, 1876 Mansion House Drive, (410) 396-7102, marylandzoo.org, $45-$50.

 -Odell's Reunion Party: There's a now-empty building near Jerry Carryout in Station North that kind of looks like a German beer house or something,  a weird structure and one that houses lots of Bmore club and house music history. It's the former location of Odell's, one of Baltimore's premier nightclubs, which opened in 1976 and closed in 1992. The club was the home to many types of shows but it is in many ways known as one of the birthplaces for Baltimore club music. It's where the city went to hear it and it's where DJs, producers, and dancers met, mingled, and eventually collaborated. Odell's, whose motto was "You'll know if you belong," returns for one night at the Patapso Arena this weekend and includes a few classic club DJs such as DJ Sean Marshall and DJ Kenny K, along with Frank Ski himself, the local radio DJ who helped raise club music and house music's profile in the city and most famously released the classic track 'Doo Doo Brown.' 8 p.m., The Patapsco Arena, 3301 Annapolis Road, (410) 354-1338, patapscoarena.com, $30. (Brandon Soderberg)

-The Eighth Annual D.I.Y. Festival: Do It Yourself is definitely hardcore and Xs on the hands and "Our Band Could Be Your Life," but it also applies to so many other things. Like when we brew our own beer. That's DIY as fuck! Don't need your swill, InBev, I can do this for myself. This festival allows you to buy items made by DIYers—which is not DIY in and of itself but supports the idea by proxy—and learn skills so you can, in fact, do stuff with your own hands. Vendors include Baltimore Free Farm, Beast Grrl Zine, OK Comics, Montez Jennings Candles, Baltimore Women's Herb-an Collective, and Tree Frog Hot Sauce, just to name a few. And workshops include sessions on beekeeping, knitting, canning, yoga, and birth control (as taught by a registered nurse!). Get doing, people. Noon-6 p.m., 2640 Space, 2640 St. Paul St., diyfest.org, free. (Brandon Weigel)

-Super Art Fight: Halloween Havoc: Baltimore, take notes. On a recent trip to Paris, we encountered a luchador bar, which is exactly what it sounds like: a bar with a luchador wrestling ring in the basement, where you can watch professional fighters wrestle or pay a small fee to slip on a cushioned sumo-wrestler costume (it's a weird cultural mix, especially because it's all Parisians) and battle a friend after several shots of tequila, while projections of professional luchador fights play in the background. If you've ever seen a luchador fight, you understand that it is, in many ways, art: the colorful masks and singlets, the acrobatic choreography. Now, bar fights as we know them in Baltimore can range from hilarious to gross to terrifying, but they would all be better if they were facilitated by professionals (more or less) and were infused with some kind of artful element. It's no underground luchador fight, but the Ottobar will soon experience something of that nature, the "Super Art Fight." It's not a "fight" in the traditional sense, but it's styled like a wrestling match in which two competing artists create on-the-spot art, the subjects of which sometimes are drawn in combat with each other. This is the "Halloween Havok" edition, so you can bet there will be elaborate costumes. And, you know, with enough booze it could devolve into an actual bar fight, which dude artists are historically prone to anyway (see: Caravaggio). 9 p.m., Ottobar, 2549 N. Howard St., (410) 662-0069, theottobar.com, $15. (Maura Callahan)

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