Happening Saturday: Independence Day, July forthe Love of Tony, and more

-Independence Day: The day has come once again to embrace American patriotic excess. Slather on your red, white, and blue body paint, let your beer belly fly, barbecue the nearest edible object, or take a kiddie-pool bath in Miller Lite or Gatorade or British tears or whatever. This is America, and we can do what we want sometimes. Just make sure to wave the flag that's less inherently racist. All day, The U.S. of A., usa.gov, free-ish for some. (Maura Callahan)

-July forthe Love of Tony: People all across the country will be celebrating Independence Day with fireworks, hot dogs, and beer. This year, here in Charm City, USA, why not celebrate in a way that's uniquely Baltimore? True Laurels (the site run by City Paper contributor Lawrence Burney) and Balti-Gurls are hosting a party dedicated to Baltimore club legend Miss Tony, a gay male vocalist in drag who released critical singles during Bmore club's formative years in the ’90s. One of club's earliest DJs, Scottie B, will be there alongside its biggest advocate in 2015, DJ AngelBaby. Also on the decks: DJ Dizzy, Abdu Ali, DJ TrillNatured, and Precolumbian. Carmen Lewi and Greydolf are performing live sets, and hey, check this out, CP Arts Editor Brandon Soderberg and CP contributors Karen Peltier, Burney, and Ali are among a group of writers and artists giving away a zine about the importance of the late Miss Tony. When you really think about it, the Second Continental Congress, which adopted the Declaration of Independence, was really the members of the 13 colonies deciding, "How you wanna carry it?" 9 p.m., The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625-4848, thecrownbaltimore.tumblr.com, $7. (Brandon Weigel)

-From the Short List: Annapolis roots rockers Kings of Crownsville play The Cabaret at Germano’s. Don’t miss: Foo Fighters celebrate their 20th anniversary with a blowout at RFK Stadium in Washington with Heart, Joan Jett, LL Cool J, Trouble Funk, Buddy Guy, and more. (Al Shipley)

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