Happening Saturday: 'Gilding The Lily,' 'Weird Al' Yankovic, and more

-“Gilding The Lily”: Speaking of short attention spans—hold up, we see something shiny. Artists René Treviño and Stewart Watson have curated an exhibition appealing to the instinctual human fascination with sparkling, reflective surfaces, featuring nine artists that work with gold leaf, glitter, and other shiny stuff. No, you cannot touch it. Opening reception 7-10 p.m., exhibition runs through Aug. 1, Area 405, 405 E. Oliver St., area405.com, free. (Maura Callahan)

-LitMore Small Press Poetry Library and Archives Pre-Summer Fundraiser: If you say "Baltimore" and "poetry," probably the first—and maybe only—association that comes to mind would be Edgar Allan Poe, who lived in Baltimore at various points in his life, married his 13-year-old cousin here (ew), and died here. But there's way more to Baltimore's poetic heritage than 'The Raven.' LitMore, a meeting place and workspace for Baltimore writers that frequently hosts events, is also home to the Community Poetry Library, which houses both local and nonlocal books, anthologies, periodicals, chapbooks, pamphlets, art books, and more. LitMore says the library contains more than 4,500 titles, making it a rich treasure trove of poetry—and it's now trying to make that trove available online for free to the public. In order to raise funds to digitize, catalog, and host all that poetry online, LitMore's hosting a fundraising event that will include readings from local and out-of-state poets, performances from Magus Magnus, performing eckClogs with Furniture Press founder Christophe Casamassima among others, and Femi the DriFish, plus vegetarian food, drinks, a raffle, a free-books table, and more. The first 50 people to show up will get a free limited-edition, handmade chapbook, so get there early to get your own piece of Baltimore's poetic scene and help fund the project that could make Baltimore the City That Reads Poetry. 3-7 p.m., LitMore, 3326 Keswick Road, (443) 595-7548, litmore.org, $10-20 (sliding scale for students and patrons). (Anna Walsh)

-Remington Chop: As former Remington residents—we now live on the "wrong side of Howard Street," in Charles Village, our Remington friends and neighbors tell us—we know things are moving along pretty steadily on the gentrification front. Just one example: There's currently a big hole in the ground not far from our house, across the street from the 7-Eleven, where a mixed-use development that looks straight out of Washington, D.C. is being erected. Now, not all development is bad, and if we're being honest, the influx of restaurants and retail set to come to this part of town will be welcomed, so long as it's somewhat affordable and not douchey. But now we get word of the Remington Chop, a day of food workshops with a beer garden—oh wait, it's technically a "biergarten." For $45, attendees can "learn from the best," such as the Parts & Labor crew, who will teach you how to butcher a lamb, or the kitchen of Pen & Quill (technically a Station North restaurant, but no matter), who will provide instruction on making merguez sausage. Over in the biergarten, you can "schmooze with the rest," i.e. eat and drink with Dylan's Oyster Cellar, Charmington's Café, Monument City Brewing, and Parts & Labor. Oh, and one of the partners bringing you this opportunity for learning and schmoozing is Seawall Development, a huge property holder in the area and the group responsible for the aforementioned hole. Guess our hopes for "somewhat affordable and not douchey" have already been dashed. How long till the Whole Foods comes in? Noon-5 p.m., Miller's Court, 2601 N. Howard St. (hey wait, this is the "wrong side of Howard Street" too), remingtonchop.com, $45. (Brandon Weigel)

-From the Short List: Maryland Traditions Folklife Festival 2015 features music from Karpouzi Trio, Pablo Antonio y La Firma, Sherman Holmes Projects, and more at the Patterson Theater and on nearby outdoor stages. After more than a decade apart, Baltimore screamo band Margret Heater reunites at the Ottobar with Vessel and Bound State. Saving Apollo, Whisky Train, Sweet Leda, and more perform at Honfest 2015 in Hampden. The local hip-hop community observes Solomon Appreciation Day, to celebrate Solomon, owner of the long-running venue the Hott Spott Lounge (formerly The 5 Seasons), at his club. ELM, DETLAnine, and more play the 8x10 for a Baltimore pre-party for West Virginia’s Camp Barefoot Music & Arts Festival. The Legwarmers take hits from the ’80s and make ’em sound so crazy at Rams Head Live. Buffalo singer-songwriter Casey Bolles plays the Sidebar with Head North, No Good News, and more. Maryland instrumental band Time Columns play the Metro Gallery with Rare Candy. Local speed/thrash-metal band Season Of Fear plays Fishhead Cantina. Lower Dens don’t currently have a hometown show in Baltimore scheduled on their summer tour, but you can drive down to Washington, D.C. to catch them at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Don’t miss: Incomparable pop parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic dares to be stupid at Pier Six Pavilion. (Al Shipley)

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