Former Talking Head/Sonar operator loses appeal in federal pot conviction

Former Talking Head and Sonar impresario Daniel McIntosh is still in federal prison, and will likely stay there until the end of his 10-year sentence. A federal court rejected his appeal this week, saying it found "no reversible errors" in his trial or sentencing. 

McIntosh was convicted in 2012 of being part of a 16-person conspiracy (including the real estate developer Jeremy Landsman  and Anthony Marcantoni, owner of the Ground Control martial arts studio in Owings Mills) that brought hundreds of pounds of pot to Baltimore, in tractor trailers and by airplane. Prosecutors said McIntosh used Sonar, a defunct nightclub and concert venue, as "cover" for the drug dealing, and used some of the drug proceeds to make payroll and cover bills at the club. Judge Roger Titus reluctantly sentenced him to 10 years, the mandatory minimum for the three-time felon, saying "I have hope for you." 

Titus sentenced McIntosh to half of what prosecutors asked for, and only one-third of what the federal sentencing guidelines call for. As a career offender, McIntosh could have gotten 360 months to life. "Listen," McIntosh reportedly told investigators when they arrested him, "I don't believe for one minute my government's going to sentence me to life in prison for selling marijuana."

Not life, but a hard decade for a 40-year-old with Lyme disease. 

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