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Expert: Tourists who swam in Inner Harbor basically jumped in a big ol' toilet of shit

As several local news outlets have already reported, there's a video of at least 10 kids, purportedly Chicago tourists, jumping into the Inner Harbor waters almost a week ago and taking a leisurely swim. No, really. See for yourself:

While this is happening and Baltimoreans are standing with their phones out, mouths presumably agape as people actually willingly swim in the harbor, you can hear someone yell: "Ew! Ew! Ew!" And one of the guys who went for a dip even said, quite profoundly, "It stinks in here!"

That's with good reason, because as Alice Volpitta of Blue Water Baltimore tells WJZ, "Mostly there's raw human sewage in the harbor." Put another way, our lovely harbor is, quite literally, a big toilet bowl filled with poop. And these people went swimming in it!

Volpitta goes on to list the side effects of swimming in water contaminated with human waste: "People can get hepatitis, they can get something called gastroenteritis, which is like food poisoning, but the worst case of food poisoning you've ever had. There’s all sorts of diseases and viruses carried in sewage."

The Waterfront Partnership recently gave the harbor water several F's in its annual report card. That's F, as in feces.

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