Dumped by Fox News but OK for Baltimore: Bill O'Reilly show still on

Fox News kept blowhard hack Bill O'Reilly on the air for a little over two decades, but even they felt the need to finally boot him off the air following weeks of controversy after the New York Times surfaced more sexual harassment suit settlements (which Fox, of course, helped pay for), costing the network advertisers.

O'Reilly's show at the Royal Farms Arena, however, is still a go, Katie Crowe, a PR manager for the arena, confirmed to City Paper. The Spin Stops Here Tour, as it's called, also features Fox News goof Jesse Watters and cranky comedian Dennis Miller and is set to swing through town on Sept. 22.

The timing of the show announcement, shortly after the Times published its most recent findings earlier this month, seemed curious. But as the Los Angeles Times wrote in a story today, "The O'Reilly Factor" remained immensely popular in the first quarter of 2017. Which is to say that most of his audience didn't give a shit whether or not he called women up on the phone to breathe heavily and express his sexual desires or made other unwanted advances, as has been alleged for years. Based on all the other hateful shit broadcast on Fox News, it should come as no surprise that there's still an audience for a serial harasser of women.

Given O'Reilly's massive ego, it doesn't seem far-fetched to picture him using The Spin Stops Here Tour as one giant soap box to play the victim to the applause of his adoring fans. Then again, as of this writing, there were still thousands of tickets available for the RoFo show.

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