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City should ease up on horseback riding

Baltimore Twitter blew up on Sunday when images and video clips of two young men riding horses along North Avenue began to appear. This came after Baltimore Police closed down six lanes of Reisterstown Road near Druid Hill Park on Sunday to prevent dirt bikers from riding there, as The Sun reported.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake yesterday condemned the horseback riders, calling the use of horses "a protest" and saying "these animals, they don't deserve to be used in that way. The city health department said it's illegal to ride horses on city streets without approval."

But doesn't the city realize horseback riding is the very solution they need to their dirt-bike problem? Bring on more horses!

As City Paper reported back in June, a lot of our tax money goes toward helping out the beleaguered horse industry. If we're propping this industry up, we might as well see some benefit from it.

People don't like the dirt bikes because they are loud or riders used them recklessly. Well, the clopping of hooves is not nearly as loud as that ear-splitting buzz from a dirt-bike engine. And as this rodeo video below clearly demonstrates, horses have much better handling than dirt bikes, meaning they will be less likely to careen into cars.

There's more! As the Maryland Horse Industry Board says, " Horseback riding can be a full cardiovascular workout, burning between 315-480 calories in ahour. Hacking, riding a horse for exercise, uses your large muscle groups as you squeeze and hang onwith your legs. Posting, faster riding, uses your upper body." In short, more horses please.

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