BPD finds drugs and guns in house, arrest crime scene technician

Baltimore police put drugs on the table today after arresting a crime scene technician and her boyfriend in the Mosher neighborhood. Timika Jones, 37, was in a home on the 600 block of Ashburton Street with Clarence Jones, Jr., 39, when police came with a search warrant. 

Police seized two handguns, a "capsule machine," and $100,000 from the house. In a car rented by Timika Jones police found another $5,000 plus 125 gel capsules of what they suspect is heroin. Both were arrested and charged with drug possession with intent to distribute and handgun violations and held at Central Booking. Timika Jones was suspended without pay.

Police say Timika Jones did not have access to the drug laboratory or storage.

Clarence Jones Jr. was charged last year with multiple counts of assault, false imprisonment, which were dropped. He also faced charges at different times in 2015 for drug dealing and armed robbery and home invasion with a firearm. These cases were also dropped. He had several other drug charges in the 2000s and was sentenced to 18 months in prison in a Harford County case. A police spokesman said he is "known to police." 

State court records indicate that Timika Jones has no prior arrests.

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