City Paper's final issue will be Nov. 1

The very last issue of City Paper will hit yellow boxes and storefronts on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Baltimore Sun Media Group announced plans to close City Paper back in July. At the time, details about the end date were still being discussed. 

A special issue is in the works, with the current staff reflecting on the end of the 40-year-old alt-weekly, essays from several of the editors who ran the paper throughout its history, and some archival content.

Rather than bother editor Brandon Soderberg for another quote, I will simply reuse part of what he said when news of the closure first came out.

"A city without a paper like City Paper is a lesser city," he said. "I'm not sure where the stories we write and where the people you meet in those stories show up if we're not around. Without us, you will have one less voice—one that's skeptical and analytical and out there actually."

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