Booze News crowdfunds its way back

The Community Law Center has announced that its "Booze News" liquor board watchblog has been saved. 

The long-running blog, which has produced much of the journalism about the politically important Baltimore City Liquor Board for the past several years, was de-funded last fall by the Abell Foundation. 

There were, of course, whispers of conspiracy, but everyone involved agreed in the end that the end of funding for the outspoken blog was pretty routine

The CLC launched an online crowdfunding effort to raise $10,000. That they did: "In just one month, Community Law Center has raised $10,441 to save the award-winning blog, Booze News," the organization says in a press release. "In every issue, Staff Attorney Becky Witt holds the Liquor Board accountable for its actions and increases the transparency of its decisions."

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