Blizzard newsroom conditions at WJZ worse than previously reported

What connects us? Being stuck in a blizzard and scrounging for something to eat, it seems.

And that's just what happened to the newsroom at WJZ-TV on Saturday night after they worked long shifts covering the historic blizzard blanketing the region in snow. What they came back to was cruddy leftover pizza from the night before, according to a report on TV news gossip site

One staffer described the scene as "pathetic," telling the site that the pizza they had gotten on Friday "was black and disgusting by Saturday." Typically, notes, stations will stock up in preparation for a big weather event that might have reporters and producers working round the clock.

All the bosses at WJZ thought to get was a couple of pies. Maybe they could stash reserves in the cube for next time?

This morning, posted a picture of the nasty-looking pizza, with a sign, reportedly from management, that reads: "Sorry if the pizzas are dry. We purchased them yesterday and tried to keep them warm because we knew all the shops were going to be closed today."

After an inquiry from City Paper, K.C. Robertson, a spokesman for the station, wrote in an email, "There was plenty of food for our hard working employees throughout the weekend. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were provided at the station each day."

An inside source confirms the details of's account and tells City Paper that the pockmarked pie "was just the tip of the iceberg."

"Literally a newsroom riot broke on Saturday night with people screaming at managers," the source says. "It was unbelievable."

What else drew the staff's ire? They were told they couldn't leave the station to sleep in hotel rooms.

"They started telling people they wouldn't take them to the hotel after they worked a 15-hour shift and told them to sleep at the station," the source says. "An anchor starts screaming 'I am taking an SUV. Who is with me!?!'"

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