Woman's wayward tax refund reportedly recovered following publication of City Paper story

Woman's wayward tax refund reportedly recovered

It looks like MECU came through after all. A day after City Paper published a story about her missing $1,000 state tax refund, Darschell Washington says she received a call from the credit union telling her they had recovered her money. "Ms. Jones called me on my cellphone," Washington says. "I don't know if she was from the legal office."

Washington saw her state tax refund go to a MECU account that was not hers. It is unclear whether she made a mistake in routing it, or whether it was a software glitch. Either way, bank experts say that the money should never have been allowed to go into an account not in Washington's name.

MECU personnel told Washington they could not do anything about it, she says. One bank employee told City Paper that Washington had been directed to the state Comptroller's Office, and then did not return follow-up calls.

Washington had not heard from the credit union either, despite calls and emails, she says. "When I last heard from them . . . they said the was nothing they could do," she says. "That was February 11."

That is why Washington was thrilled by the Feb. 26 phone call. She says Ms. Jones—she did not get a first name—told her that her money would be going back to the state, and that the comptroller would mail her a paper check.

Washington's says she's convinced City Paper's "involvement had a lot to do with it."

MECU very much.

Washington says she'll let us know when the check gets to her—or if it doesn't.

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