We can take our bikes on the MARC train!

OMFG we can take our full-size bikes on MARC trains! This is so exciting. Ok, it's only on weekends, and only on the Penn Line, and only at certain times, but as bicyclists, we're used to taking what we can get, assuming we ever get anything at all. And this is a very, very good thing. D.C. has awesome riding opportunities, from its buffered bike lanes on city streets to its trails—out to Mount Vernon, along the old Washington & Old Dominion railroad line, the Chesapeake & Ohio towpath all the way out to Cumberland, Maryland—the list goes on and on. Before this weekend, you had to drive your bike down there—totally defeats the purpose—or be one of the lucky few with a fancy folding bike. No more!

There's tons of good biking in Baltimore, too, and now D.C. folks can avail themselves of our area trails out by the airport—the light rail has let you take bikes on for a long time—and through the city and its parks. Welcome, D.C. people, to the Greatest City in America.

None of this is good enough, of course. Bikes are part of our transportation system, just like cars, buses, trains, and our feet. MARC needs to allow bikes on all the time, so folks can integrate their commutes—bike to the train station, take the train, and bike the rest of the way to work. That connectivity is key to making a real difference in the lives of those of us who bike every day, but until then, this is an awesome addition to our weekends. And this is a good time to remind drivers that this is their issue too. Bicyclists are good for everybody—we get out of your freeway traffic, leave you extra parking spots, and, frankly, save the Earth. You're welcome. Now give us our own train car.

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