Wandering Eye: There's a Bmore club song about The Dress, D.C. police chief weighs in on legalizing pot, and more

Washington, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says legal pot is the way to go, in part because "All those arrests do is make people hate us," the Daily Beast reports. "Marijuana smokers are not going to attack and kill a cop," she said. "They just want to get a bag of chips and relax. Alcohol is a much bigger problem." Lanier came up through the ranks when the D.C. department was troubled and the city—not Baltimore—was the "murder capital." The D.C. police department in the early 1990s did not have bad apples, she says, "we had a bad barrel." Getting the police more on the side of residents has been her focus, just as Commissioner Anthony Batts hopes to continue doing in Baltimore. "Women do certain things very different from men," she said, talking about her efforts to change policing in the city, and to make more compassion and empathy part of the job. (Edward Ericson Jr.)


While new Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's early decision to block pollution-lowering regulations of coal-fired power plants ignores well-established and growing scientific evidence that air pollution causes death and disease, thereby increasing costs to the economy, now there's science showing that improving air quality boosts kids' lung health. The New York Times' reporting on the new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, quotes conservative Heritage Foundation research fellow Diane Katz, who points out that "the study doesn't say anything about regulation" and "we don't know what would have happened if we had had less burdensome regulation." But Morton Lippman, a New York University School of Medicine professor, tells the Times that "this kind of information will play a major role" as regulations come up for review. (Van Smith)


There is a club song about The Dress. You know, that white-and-gold or is it black-and-blue dress that took the internet by storm for a few hours on Thursday evening last week, pushing that other meme about llamas out of the way and becoming the big-deal piece of internet junk. Baltimore club producer Matic808, who is no stranger to clever club remixes of viral content (in 2013, he remixed the entirety of Kanye West's "Yeezus" and also released 'Baltimore Train Explosion,' which took clips from a phone video of guys commenting on the explosion and turned it into a quick, funny club cut) released 'Dress' last Friday. Of course, usually club songs are based around some kind of memorable audio and this meme was purely visual, but that didn't stop Matic, who just paired a signature sci-fi-sounding beat with a heavily processed voice asking, "What color is that motherfucking dress?" and stuttering "the dress," and a slurring mini-rap that's sort of about the dress. 'Dress' is both a craven and opportunistic viral glom-on and a knowing reduction of meme culture to absurdity. It's at almost 3,000 listens as of today, which isn't half-bad. We're just glad it exists. (Brandon Soderberg)

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