Wandering Eye: The NYT looks at youth incarceration in Maryland, why cops still use fax and teletype, and more

The New York Times' Erica Goode locked onto Prince George's County juvenile-court judge Herman Dawson in a Dec. 19 article, holding him up as a notable example of a judge who resorts too easily and often to locking up youngsters. Dawson played well, given the critical attention, holding up his stern track record as a necessary antidote to the ill effects of the unruly and chaotic upbringings that are all too common among those who come before him. Whether Dawson is likely to change and more regularly pursue alternatives to juvenile incarceration remains to be seen, but evidence is mounting that locking up kids is not only expensive, but more likely than less-restrictive alternatives to push young offenders to a life of crime, the exact opposite of what Dawson says he hopes to achieve. (Van Smith)


USA Today shows us the awesome power of 3-D printing and cute puppy stories at the same time with this video feature about Derby, a dog who ran for the first time recently on 3-D-printed prosthetic front legs his owner helped design. Born with itty bitty front legs, Derby used to get along OK on them, and even on a set of wheels with a harness. But this is obviously much better and Derby, who looks to be at least part Siberian Husky, makes the most of them. Pretty cool design too—not at all intuitive. (Edward Ericson Jr.)


Among the many details from the story of a Baltimore County man who went up to Brooklyn and shot and killed two police officers, people were surprised to learn Baltimore County police tried to warn the NYPD by using the archaic technology of fax and teletype. Slate looks at why—including explanatory paragraphs on what these machines are, because millennials. Yes, the technology is old, but some people still prefer it as a means of secure communication. However, certain lines are still vulnerable to eavesdropping. "A Baltimore County Police Liaison told Slate that the department uses teleprinters because they're 'very reliable.'" (Brandon Weigel)

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