Wandering Eye: Bad news for the Chesapeake Bay, local theater award nominees are announced, and more

The local theater blog The Bad Oracle just announced the nominees for the Baltimore United Local Stage and Hidden Independent Theater Awards (B.U.L.S.H.I.T.), including many of our own favorites, in questionably named categories such as "The Hell Yeah Award for best Overall Show," the "Jock Strap Award for Best Supporting Actor," and the "Revulva Award for Best Actress." This is the second year of this B.U.L.S.H.I.T., but the first where there will be an actual awards ceremony at Gallery 788 on Jan. 26. (Baynard Woods)


Science often confirms what we already have reason to believe, and in the case of warming air and rising stream-water temperatures in the Chesapeake Bay region due to climate change, the numbers are now in: Air temperature has been rising at about 0.023 degrees Celsius annually, while stream water has been warming at a rate of about 0.028 C per year. The findings, according to an article in the journal Climatic Change by Karen Rice and John Jastram of the U.S. Geological Survey, result from an analysis of temperature records from hundreds of sites across the watershed, which showed that the period from 1985 to 2010 was "statistically significantly warmer" in the air and streams than 1961 to 1985. "Continued warming of contributing streams to Chesapeake Bay," the paper predicts, "likely will result in shifts in distributions of aquatic biota and contribute to worsened eutrophic conditions in the bay and its estuaries." In other words, absent less warming, we can expect the Bay watershed's watery environs and its inhabitants to suffer more in the future. (Van Smith)


Robert Greenwald at HuffPo calls out The Sun's David Zurawik for a piece (and subsequent radio commentary) questioning CNN's use of Van Jones as an analyst of the events in Ferguson, Missouri. It started with a column in The Sun, where Zurawik said "all the good reporting by [Jason] Carroll and others at CNN was seriously compromised by the terrible decision to have political commentator Van Jones on the ground with [Don] Lemon." The column covered the coverage of the aftermath of the Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict the police officer who killed Michael Brown. It was not incendiary . . . unless you don't agree with Zurawik's contention that "CNN's best moments came with Cuomo trying to stand his ground and encouraging his crew to stand it with him as police advanced toward them with flash bangs, smoke bombs and tear gas flying." But the comments on Jones, who was famously hounded from his job as President Obama's "Green Jobs Advisor" after saying some things that respectable people are not allowed even to think, got Zurawik the most attention. "Zurawik was then invited to repeat and elaborate his criticism on NPR's On the Media, asserting strenuously that Jones had 'absolutely no credentials' to report on the events in Ferguson," Greenwald writes. But it turns out that, whatever his alleged shortcomings as a TV analyst, Jones actually does have credentials. He was a reporter for the AP and he did extensive work to reform "police abuse" in California, as he tweeted afterwards. "It would seem appropriate and a sign of decency for Zurawik and his newspaper to retract those inaccurate statements and issue an apology to Van Jones," Greenwald huffs. (Edward Ericson Jr.)

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