Stuff drug dealers think they know

On May 21, 2014, veteran globe-trotting drug-dealer-turned-informant Fred Douglas Brooks III was on the phone with his friend and customer in Baltimore, Sean Wilson, also an old hand in the game going all the way back to his days in Linwood "Rudy" Williams' prolific organization that came crashing down in a 1990 indictment. They didn't know their conversation was being intercepted by law enforcers, so they spoke freely about the game, ranging from drug debts owed and pending shipments of kilograms to how Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman cornered the Latin American narcotics trade on behalf of his Sinaloa cartel. In the midst of it, they talked about Wilson's cousin, Andre Hunt.

"My cousin," Wilson said, according to court documents, "he supposedly got fifty seven months, but everyone else getting thirty, I mean uh, yeah twenty to thirty years," adding, "I don't know how the fuck that happened," but "I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it."

"Holy shit," Brooks says, "so he went on and got his time already?"

"Well that's what I heard he 'bout . . . ready to get," says Wilson.

Three weeks earlier, Hunt had entered a guilty plea in federal court for his part in an eight-defendant drug-dealing conspiracy headed by Raymond Davis of Timonium, who oversaw a heroin-distribution network in the Gilmor Homes neighborhood in Baltimore City. Hunt hasn't received his sentence yet—it's scheduled to be meted out on March 13­—but everyone else in the case has. Their prison terms range from three to 10 years, which is what Davis received at his March 3 sentencing.

Wilson may have been off on what his cousin's co-defendants would get, but it'll be interesting to see how accurate he was about Hunt. Wilson, meanwhile, in February learned his fate: 132 months in federal prison for the role he played in Maryland on behalf of Brooks' latest alleged heroin scheme. Brooks' case is being prosecuted separately in Louisiana and is currently delayed "due to the extensive nature of the wiretap evidence in this matter, and due to recent cooperation from multiple defendants in this and a related investigation," according to court documents filed there in February.

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