Sherwin Mark of Load of Fun responds to Jacques Kelly

Yesterday, we responded to Jacques Kelly's article in the Baltimore Sun, which actively erased the last several years of history in the building at 120 North Avenue. We wrote to Sherwin Mark, who owned the building between 2005 and 2013 for a quote. He didn't respond before we posted our story, but subsequently sent this response. 

"What is truly audacious about this attempt at perpetrating social amnesia and legitimizing the Deutsch Foundation’s 'Motor House,' is it’s denial of the efforts of all the artists, organizations and groups that made Load of Fun what it was and contributed so much to Station North. Thousands of hours of work by hundreds and hundreds of actors, artists and community members, much of it unpaid and community oriented, and enjoyed by so many thousands of the public. For whatever nefarious reason, Load of Fun was destroyed by the City while so many much more non-compliant buildings in the city continue to be supported and publicized by the very organizations that took advantage of Load of Fun and it’s artists.  Now Load of Fun, its artists and contributors are relegated to a pile of ‘humiliation’ as Mr. Kelly puts it. Nice."

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